Computer Repair & Support of Software & Hardware
Software: Troubleshooting data corruption, data backup & basic recovery.
Hardware: Troubleshooting, replacement, upgrades, & new purchases.
PC Support: OS installs, repair, recovery, clean up, Optimizations & upgrades.
Laptop, NoteBook: Installs, repair, recovery, clean up, Optimizations & upgrades.
Hardware Repair: Screens, Keyboards, hard drives, ac jack repair.

Virus, Spyware & Other Malicious AD-ware
Spyware is one of the biggest threats; it can lead to identity theft, browser
hijackings, & hackers. It can take over your system and make it impossible to use.
Virus Removal: Removal of viruses, ad-ware, spy-ware & mal-ware.
Anti-Virus Solutions: Programs to help you keep the bugs at bay.
Malware Solutions: Cleanup and removal of Malicious spyware.

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Networking Solutions
Network setup, Wi-Fi, maintenance, new setup, Internet.

Server Solutions
Services: Custom Builds, PC purchase, setup, maintenance, OS & software installation & configuration, administration & backup of network data.
Types: P2P, Domains, Exchange Server, Terminal Service, Remote Access.

LAN & Security Wiring
Computer, CCTV, Video & Security pre-wire & installs.


Whatever it is we can get you where you need to be. Local Support makes it easier for you. Internet setup, Domain, E-mail, Website Hosting. Search Engine Submission.


Remote, Virtual, Backup, CCTV
Computer Repair & Networking are our specialty, but sometimes you need other services as well. Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, Remote Access Offsite Backup, Cloud Solutions.